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Library Board Self-Evaluation Form

Library Board approved November 16, 2004. 

Instructions: Please rank the following items with 5 being “most definitely” and 1 being “no/never”
5 4 3 2 1

The Board has a method in place for new Board member orientation and ongoing Board member training
The Board stays abreast of the financial status of the Library and its funding sources.
The Board sets the direction for the Library through planning.
The Board has adopted a mission statement and mission expectations for the Library and uses them to drive planning choices.
The Board reviews and adopts the budget after the annual planning is complete.
The Board ensures that the budget covers goals and objectives set during the planning process.
The Board evaluates the Library Director annually based on the success of set goals and/or expectations.
The Board feels free to communicate problems to the Director in a timely manner.
The Board requires regular written updates from the Director on progress toward the annual plan and goals.
The Board is familiar with state and federal laws governing libraries.
The Board has established bylaws to oversee its governance.
The Board has established clear policies to govern and guide library operations.
The Board continually reviews and updates the Library’s policies.
The Board safeguards the public’s First Amendment/Intellectual Freedom rights by protecting freedom of access, while also being open to the public’s comments.
All new Board members are given copies of the mission statement, Strategic Plan, bylaws, Board policies, and other important documents of the organization.
Board members regularly attend state and national meetings relevant to libraries.
The Board annually receives a review of the Library’s finances which has been prepared by an outside source.
The Board regularly measures organizational success/progress by accomplishment of long-range goals, and each meeting includes a report on “Progress on the Strategic Plan.”
Our Board has a policy manual that includes all Board policies.
Our Board policies assign responsibility for implementing or enforcing the policy.

[Based on: Board Assessment – Douglas County Libraries in conjunction with Arapahoe Library District;]

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