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Petitions, Fliers, Posters and Similar Materials

Library Board approved July 16, 2002.

In order to protect privacy and preserve a quiet environment for library users, it is the policy of the Oak Park Public Library to prohibit active circulation and distribution of petitions, fliers, and similar materials in the library buildings in the Village of Oak Park with the exception that relevant materials may be distributed as part of scheduled programs held within the library meeting rooms.

It is also the policy of Oak Park Public Library to prohibit active solicitations, whether financial or otherwise, in library buildings.  Any solicitations on library property outside of the buildings must conform to the code of the Village of Oak Park, Illinois.

The Executive Director or their designee will, if space is available, designate a suitable location in each library building where printed materials may be made available to be read by library patrons if they so desire.  Commercial advertisements will be prohibited, except when appearing as advertisements in periodicals of general circulation distributed free to the public.

Oak Park Public Library makes available bulletin boards to provide information about the library and library programs and on a space available basis, to provide information for library patrons.  Space for posters and fliers announcing events will be made available to governmental units and not-for-profit community and area groups on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting it.  Events need not be in Oak Park nor be sponsored by an Oak Park organization. When space is limited preference will be given to announcements for events sponsored by Oak Park organizations and announcements of events to be held in Oak Park. Commercial notices and posters with collection boxes or with a place for collection of signatures may not be posted in the Library.  In providing bulletin board space, the Library aspires to meet the standards set forth in the Library Bill of Rights.

All posters and fliers submitted for placement on a bulletin board must be reviewed by the Assistant Director or the Executive Director or their designates to insure compliance with the guidelines set forth in the preceding paragraphs.

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