Community Conversations

“Turning outward is when we make our community the reference point for everything we do. Not our conference room.” – Rich Harwood

Since 2014, hundreds of Oak Parkers have shared aspirations around literacy and education; diversity, inclusion, and equity; and health, safety, and affordability. Here are a few examples of library work inspired by those aspirations:

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We keep asking Oak Park this question because your aspirations drive our work. Thank you to the many Oak Parkers who shared their aspirations in the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018. Right now, we are examining your more than 300 replies to identify current themes. We expect to publicly share more about what we learned, and to use this new public knowledge to help guide our everyday work and to inform future strategic priorities.

Watch this video by The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation that shares more about this community-based way of working.

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