The Board of Library Trustees approves the library budget.

Audited financial statements

Typically completed by August of the following year, audited financial statements are available as PDFs:

For more information, contact Executive Director David Seleb at davids@oppl.org or 708.697.6911.

Where does the money come from?

Pie chart depicting where does the money come from? Taxes: 96.78%; State funds: 1.60%; Other income: 0.85%; Fees and charges 0.77%


How is the money spent?

 Pie chart depicting how is the money spent? Wages: 44.33%; Benefits: 16.10%; Debt service: 10.58%; Library materials: books, etc.: 9.67% overall and 12% operating; Other expenses: 7.65%; Capital: 7.10%; Facilities, materials, supplies: 4.57%

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