Holidays Policy

Library Board approved January 16, 2008.  Revised July 19, 2011.

All benefited employees receive pay for holidays they are scheduled to work prorated by their number of budgeted hours. The Library will be closed, and benefited employees will receive the following holidays off with pay:

New Year’s Day ‐ January 1

Memorial Day ‐ last Monday in May

Independence Day ‐ July 4

Labor Day ‐ first Monday in September

Thanksgiving Day ‐ fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Eve Day ‐ December 24

Christmas Day ‐ December 25

When New Year’s Day or Christmas Day fall on a Sunday the Library will be open on Monday and staff will receive additional floating holidays. When Independence Day falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on Monday. When Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day fall on a Saturday or Sunday, an extra floating holiday will be granted to eligible staff.

The Library will be closed on Easter Sunday, but it is not a paid staff holiday.

The Main Library and Maze Branch Library will be open, and benefited employees will receive a day off with pay (floating holiday) for the following holidays:

Martin Luther King Day ‐ third Monday in January

President’s Day ‐ third Monday in February

Veterans’ Day ‐ November 11

These days off should be scheduled as near to the holiday as feasible but may be taken at any time that is approved by the employee’s supervisor. If an employee takes the holiday, but leaves the library prior to the actual date the holiday is earned, the employee must repay the library for the amount of that day’s pay. This will be deducted from the final paycheck.

The Dole Branch Library will be closed on Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day and Veterans’ Day, (when Veterans’ Day falls or is observed on a Monday) and benefited Dole Branch employees will receive prorated holiday pay for these days.

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